Your LMS and Teams: Better Together for Distance Learning

Your LMS and Teams: Better Together for Distance Learning

No 2 academic establishments ar an equivalent and neither ar the solutions they use for teaching and learning. To support a connected and engaged college community, Microsoft product like groups for Education ar designed to serve you wherever you’re, with options that augment, not replace, your current use of learning management systems and additional. Applications.
In a distance learning situation, groups will work seamlessly in conjunction with multiple LMS (Learning Management Systems) and applications, supporting the crucial would like for on-line lectures, discussions and collaboration. In partnership with groups options like conferences, live events, assignments and additional, you’ll be able to continue victimization an equivalent LMS. you’ll be able to close up groups options that are not relevant to your establishment, leverage those that, and build a multi-tool answer that lets students, educators, and workers do their best work.

Your distance learning toolbox:

Microsoft groups for Education: A platform that allows lectures, matched and cluster discussions, and centered content work.

An LMS like Canvas, Schoology, Blackboard, D2L — Brightspace or Moodle: supports info and sophistication listings.

A video platform like Zoom: supports video conferencing and webinars.
Teachers, students and IT admins, see the tabbed sections here for additional elaborated steering on a way to optimize groups together with your LMS and apps in a very distance learning setting.
Get started with simple conferences, tiny cluster work and on-line events (lectures and more)


Teams meetings + Canvas integration

Using Microsoft groups, you’ll be able to invite your LMS categories to hitch a web virtual decision. Students do not would like associate account to hitch the meeting – generate your own distinctive meeting link, share it on your LMS and students will click to hitch directly

Create and share your unique meeting link :

  • Navigate to your calendar in groups and duplicate the “Join Microsoft groups Meeting” link.
  • Share your meeting with a category by posting associate announcement with the meeting link to your LMS.
  • Students victimization Edge or Chrome will merely click the link to hitch the meeting. Not victimization these browsers? transfer the groups app and be part of while not work in.

In your Teams virtual meetings, you can use LMS:  

  • Hold conferences of up to 250 individuals (for larger shows, see Live Events below).
  •  Share your screen to gift materials.
  • Manage Permissions. because the meeting owner,  decide WHO can record and gift their screen. you’ll be able to conjointly mute participants if you would like to stay the decision targeted on what you’re sharing. Use the drop-down menus within the Meeting choices to regulate your settings.

Practices to consider (take out or leave depending on your meeting needs): 

  • Determine whether or not you would like students to talk directly within the meeting or stay silent and kind their queries or comments into the meeting chat.
  • Assign somebody within the meeting (other than the presenter) to answer chat queries or manage different activities associated with meeting content.

Create a live event

Stream a serious event, lecture, book talk, or tutorial panel with up to ten,000 individuals victimization groups.

  • Capture a recording to share later
  •  Hold up to fifteen live events at an equivalent time in associate workplace 365 tenant

Use Teams chat to create study groups

No got to found out groups for sophistication discussions – you’ll be able to be part of chats directly.

  • Students and educators will produce cluster chats to check and communicate, from one-on-one conversations to chats with up to a hundred individuals.
  • Chat in groups offers time period and asynchronous electronic communication, file collaboration, and therefore the ability to instantly meet together with your cluster. Learn additional regarding chatting in groups

Ideas for remote learning with students lms

Ideas for remote learning with students
Teams has several options which will complement your assignments and posts on different learning platforms. groups will fill the gap if you cannot meet face to face and wish to figure asynchronously (without the endless emails). Communicate, work on an equivalent document at an equivalent time and remain an equivalent page.

  • Keeping in touch: At its most simple level, groups may be a place to seek out and get in touch with students or educators at your college. Use chat to raise a fast question, send a file, or initiate a decision.
  • Teams works nice on mobile: .

Group Projects:

Add different students to hitch a bunch chat , meet in a very category channel, or kind your own team .

Documents you share are going to be straight off accessible to everybody within the cluster.

Work on documents at an equivalent time, add comments, or chat within the document aspect panel to feature ideas and comments.

  • Study groups: confine bit with one another through fast chats, rib posts, or video/voice calls.
  • Class Discussions: be part of a groups meeting together with your entire category or participate in instructor-created posts.’
  • Clubs and Societies: produce groups to compile extracurricular activities and student teams. These groups is informal or formal as you would like. concentrate team communication while not requiring every member’s personal contact data. Share calendars, registration sheets and polls on-line for everybody to access. Add others to your team with an easy be part of code.
  • Hackathons: Organize hacking communication and documents in one place to stay your team project on target. regarding victimization groups to assist manage clubs, hacks, and field work.

Teams has many features that can complement your assignments and posts on other learning platforms. Teams can fill the gap if you can’t meet face to face and need to work asynchronously (without the endless emails). Communicate, work on the same document at the same time and stay on the same page.

Customize Teams to work with your current needs

If you are curious about providing Microsoft groups to your college community, or somebody has requested it, you’ve got return to the proper place. Please note that Microsoft groups (and all of workplace 365) is free for educators associated students with an eligible college email address..

Do the configuration

  • Set up your Teams environment : The free SDS (School knowledge Sync) tool allows you to adjust existing college meeter lists to mechanically produce and invite educators, staff, and students to groups. If that is not right for your college, no problem. you’ll be able to conjointly extend groups as associate choice for educators and students preferring to form manually. preparation and configuration.
  • Familiarize yourself with meeting policies in Microsoft Teams

There are many possible settings for different group sizes and privacy settings. This includes live events, large calls, private calls, inviting guest speakers to present, anonymous joining, and more.

Tips to avoid repetition between different learning platforms LMS

If your institution is currently using an LMS, you may want to simplify which platforms educators use to manage assignments, grading, and other tasks. Teams offers Tasks and Notes, but it can also be used efficiently with these features turned off. The Assignments and Grades features can be removed so they no longer appear in the app bar or class teams. Instructions are shared below.

Note:  There are many scenarios where educators might want to try Teams Assignments. It’s an easy way to share and distribute learning activities through OneDrive and Office 365. Educators can assign a variety of resources, including assessments, as well as track progress with customizable grades and rubrics.  .

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